Philip Harding

TESOL professional with over thirty years’ experience in classroom instruction, curriculum creation, and administration; key ESL program creator and administrator for public and private schools. Skilled copyeditor of research papers by non-native English speaking scholars in medicine, commerce, and ecotechnology, successful in helping hundreds of academic papers get published.  

My Experience

I have over 30 years experience in TESOL instruction, curriculum development, and copyediting.

I have taken on many big challenges in my career. The first was founding a small English language service in southern Japan, which I used as a springboard to pilot an English acquisition program in Japanese elementary schools. Finally, I pioneered an English accent training module in China, incorporating software for training, testing, and self-evaluation.

Since I began proofreading research papers in the early ’90s, I have helped researchers in the fields of medicine, business, and ecotechnology successfully publish their papers. I have also trained and rehearsed with academics for English presentations.

Iowa Focus

Social Worker

Direct Service Provider, Assist consumers with mental health and physical disabilities to achieve goals specific to their needs.


Xuchang University; Guangzhou City Polytechnic


Studies program manager and curriculum creator of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses. First instructor to deliver online homework and examinations using a dedicated website, greatly improving lesson flow.


Planet Communications

Private School Administrator

Established an English Language Institute with over 175 students. Developer and administrator. Designed curriculum that increased in student motivation, fluency, and language retention.


Classroom Skills

Proficient in applying most TESOL methods to fit student-centered classroom enviornments, I excel in curriculumn creation and adaptation to meet students’ needs and course requriements.

  • Lesson planning
  • classroom activites
  • Evaluation and review

Module Planning

  • Level assessments.
  • Assess physical environment and grouping.
  • Shortlist approriate materials.
  • Design skeleton syllabus.
  • Prepare term lessons.


  • Indentify language points.
  • Search for engaging activities.
  • Refine choices for relevancy and fun.
  • Choose backups, warmups, and closures.
  • Evaluate responsivity to each activity.


  • Design digital assessment.
  • Measure lessons’ efficacy.
  • Provide class and individual feedback.
  • Identify future reinforcement.
  • Adjust activities according to needs.
  • Create online quizzes and exams.

Education & Certificates

University of Missouri at Columbia; Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

B.A. Political Science 1988

21 credit hours in Japanese Language Studies 1987~89


13 credit hours of Spanish Language Studies 1983-1985



iTTT TEFL and TESOL Training Certificate (120 hours course) 2017


Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Japanese Ministry of Education, First Level 1993


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